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I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Zetalabs S.L. (Spain) and I also collaborate as a Digital Sherpa for the national education program "Innovacción Virtual" with Microsoft Mexico. I've worked as a Python Dev at CloudLinux and served as a research assistant in applied AI at the Mathematics Research Center (CIMAT), part of the National Consortium of Science and Technology (CONACYT) in Mexico. I participated in a research project during a summer internship (2017) at the Aspuru-Guzik Research Group, in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, working with applied machine learning for molecular properties prediction and calibration. I am (currently) a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.


Programming Languages & Tools
Extra skills / knowledge
  • Web scraping and web automation
  • APIs and web development, MongoDB
  • Image processing and computer vision
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Several Python packages – Flask, NumPy, matplotlib, TensorFlow, etc.


ML Engineer

Zetalabs S.L.

Leading the AI development team. Contributing with computer vision tasks for company's product.

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March 2021 - Present

Community Leader

Codeando México

Codeando México mainly focuses on executing activities that connect society and governments, the usage of technologies and internet-based solutions for civic purposes.

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September 2019 - February 2021

Open Data Coordinator

LAB León / General Direction of Innovation León

Pushing efforts to open (and work with) data in the city. Helping the city with trainings for digital jobs, including programming courses on Python and web development.

July 2018 - September 2019

AI Consultant

NULLSEC (Startup)

Working as an AI consultant for NULLSEC, a computer security company focused on ethical hacking. Particularly helping in the development of NullRansom, an analyzer-debugger software with the purpose of filtering TCP protocol requests, preventing preventively being targeted by malware and ransomware viruses.

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July 2019 - September 2019

Lead ML Engineer


Lead ML engineer in Omdena's collaborative tree identification challenge to prevent fire outbursts. Contributed with the models developed and the data preprocessing (we develped a Python package for it).

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May 2019 - July 2019

Jr. Python Software Developer


In charge of building automation solutions with Python. The tech stack used includes Scrapy, Luigi, requests, and MongoDB.

February 2019 - May 2019

AI Research Assistant

Research Center in Mathematics (CIMAT A.C.)

On charge of doing research and building neural networks for computer vision problems, focused on applications and solutions for real industry issues. Deployed trained models to production.

February 2018 - February 2019

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Artificial Intelligence CONACYT Consortium – CIMAT A.C.

Winter School on Artificial Intelligence
Attendee to workshops on optimization, deep learning and reinforcement learning. Event organized by the National Consortium on Science and Technology in Mexico.

February 2019 - February 2019

University of Guanajuato / CIMAT A.C.

Bachelor of Mathematics
Major in Mathematics with Mathematical Computing as terminal area.

August 2011 - July 2018

Harvard University

Summer Internship – Adapting machine learning techniques for chemistry problems.
Worked on a project to calibrate and predict molecular properties using Gaussian processes.

June 2017 - August 2017

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Community and social activity


Community Builder
Selected as a community builder at Omdena due to exemplary performance in their AI challenge on the tree identification challenge to prevent fire outbursts.
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September 2019 - Present

Future Lab

Co-founder and Coordinator
Co-founder and coordinator of Future Lab, a community of tech developers for the future. We maily work under three axis: a) Develop awesome tech based projects, b) Share knowledge with the community, and c) Networking with other communities. As a member of Future Lab I have participated on big events such as Talent Land with an AI talk.
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April 2017 - Present

GitHub Education

GitHub Campus Experts Program
Mexican member of the GitHub Campus Experts Program, encouraging to empower other student communities. I also serve as a mentor in different events such as Startup Weekends, hackathons, innovation events, etc.
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October 2017 - Present

Clubes de Ciencia México

Guanajuato Comitee Member and Instructor
Co-organizer of the intensive one-week summer science workshops of Clubes de Ciencia México in Guanajuato. Besides organizing, I have participated teaching science workshops (in particular a physics workshop, based on a Nobel Prize design, and artificial intelligence workshops) for high school and undergrad students.
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January 2015 - Present

Google Programs

Google Student Ambassador and GDG
Served as a Google Student Ambassador Latam for the University of Guanajuato, empowering the student community with Googleness and Google technologies to make their life easier. Currently helping the GDG León with tech talks and workshops about AI as a core member of the team. Do cool things that matter.
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August 2014 - July 2015

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Talks & Workshops

Some of my most recent talks and workshops are...

  • TEDxUNAMLeón Event site
    AI in modern times, February 2020.
  • PyCon Colombia 2020 Material Event site
    Workshop – DLaaS: Building cloud-based intelligent solutions, February 2020.
  • International Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (RIIAA) 2.0. Material Event site
    Workshop – Deep Learning as a Service (DLaaS), August 2019.
  • LAB León Web Dev Crash Course 2019. Material Event site
    Crash Course – Introduction to Web Development with Python and Flask, August 2019.
  • DevDay León 2019 by Hackademy. Material
    Workshop – (AI) API development with Python, August 2019.
  • Clubes de Ciencia México 2019. Material
    Workshop – Revealing the Hidden Hyperspectrum with Artificial Neurons, July 2019.
  • DevDay Mérida 2019. Material
    Workshop – Artificial Intelligence with Python, July 2019.
  • Talent Land 2019. Event site
    Talk – A.I. in modern times, April 2019.
  • PythonDay México 2018. Material
    Talk – Data Science with Python, December 2018.
  • PythonDay México 2018. Material
    Workshop – Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS), November 2018.
  • HERE Hackathon at Technological University of Leon. Material
    Mentor on the event. Talk – Integration of Technological Solutions, November 2018.
  • 6th. International Conference in Software Engineering Research and Innovation (CONISOFT). Material Event site
    Workshop – Introduction to Neural Networks with Keras, October 2018.

(More talks have happened between those dates –most of them about AI–, I'm only adding the most relevant ones in that period of time.)

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This section contains awesome projects that I've developed:



A resume template built with Flask

An easy-to-configure simple resume template built with Flask and Bootstrap.

Flask Python Bootstrap



Google Colab Notebooks

A set of Google Colab notebooks and a Flask base API to learn and serve Deep Learning. Prepared for my workshop at RIIAA 2.0.

Python Tensorflow 2.0 Keras Deep Learning



Python package

A Python package to build image pipelines in a simple way. Preprocess data to feed neural networks in an easier way.

Python PyPI Images Data Preprocessing Documentation

MNIST Web Classifier

MNIST Web Classifier

A CNN served as a web platform

Classify handwritten digits directly on your computer or your phone. As simple as taking a picture of a written random multi-digit number.

Python Bootstrap Web Platform Flask MNIST CNN Keras



Google Colab Notebook

A real-time coding session with an emotion recognizer on facial expressions for a Data Mérida meetup (01/04/2019). The Ai was developed with Python and Keras.

Python Computer Vision Keras Neural Networks



API template built with Flask

API template built with Python and Flask. Serve an Iris classifier as an API. Content for a workshop.

Flask Python API scikit-learn



A micro template built with Flask

A micro template built with Flask and Bootstrap. Used for minimal testing in Glitch.

Flask Python Bootstrap



Python package

Molecular transformations for graphic displaying using Cartesian coordinates.

Python PyPI Molecules Rigid Transformations



Fitbit Versa Clockface

My first clock face for Fitbit Versa, inspired in Ben 10's Omnitrix.

TypeScript Ben 10 Fitbit Fitbit Versa

Awards & Certifications

  • Winner – #TFWorld TF 2.0 Challenge – TensorFlow at Devpost 2020
  • Academy and Technology – Statal Youth Prize Guanajuato 2018
  • Quantum Computing 101 – IBM Q Certification Badge 2018
  • 1st. Place – HDI Challenge – Talent City Hackathon 2018
  • 1st. Place – SWITCH Hackathon 2017
  • 1st. Place – IBM Hackapalooza – Bluehack Hackathon 2017
  • 1st. Place – 12th. Creativity and Innovation Contest at the University of Guanajuato 2017
  • 1st. Place – Centro Fox National Hackathon 2017
  • 1st. Place – 6th. Creativity and Innovation Contest, DCEA-UG 2016
  • Silver Award – SynBio Giant Jamboree – iGEM 2016
  • 1st. Place – 4th. Creativity and Innovation Contest, DCNE-UG 2016
  • 1st. Place – Fintech – HackBajío Hackathon 2016

This Flask template was built with by Rodolfo Ferro, under a MIT License.